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We create value for our clients far in excess of our professional fees.

We take the time to understand you - and answer the big questions:

  • What are your priorities?
  • What are the required benefits?
  • What does success look like?


We focus on the key value drivers for our clients.

We integrate multi-disciplinary teams and mobilise quickly.

We facilitate and ensure effective communication, input and alignment between teams, decision makers and stakeholders.

We are decision driven - not activity driven.

Project Development & Execution Process


Identify and Assess Opportunity

1) Preliminary assessment
2) Proceed with generating approaches & approve SELECT Phase Plan


Generate and Select Approaches

3) Preliminary scope/proposal developed
4) Proceed with the development of preferred approach & approve DEVELOP Phase Plan


Develop Preferred Approach

5) Fully defined scope and acceptance of plan
6) Develop Project Execution Plan
7) Proceed with Execution & Approve EXECUTE Phase Plan



8) Develop Operations Plan
9) Proceed with Execution & Approve OPERATE Phase Plan


Operate & Evaluate

10) Evaluate
12) Pursue New Opportunities

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WNY offers a range of consulting and support services.

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On all our engagements we apply sophisticated approaches and techniques which are tailored to provide assurance, transparency and achieve success.

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