Realising Expo 2020

20 November 2016



Multi-layered, highly fast-tracked schedules create complex interfaces and dependencies with enormous frequency and scope. Being adequately prepared for this complexity, being able to navigate the risks and capitalise on the opportunities requires substantial front end loading of project management resources. 

Design Responsibility

Distinguishing and planning for which elements of the design the Contractor will detail and elaborate is critical to optimising the programme, design fees and ensuring constructability. 

Local Architect of Record

The early input of an experienced local design consultant ensures seamless integration of local design and permitting requirements which ultimately reduces the risk of abortive work. 

Value Engineering

Stringent brief development and MoSCoW prioritisation will pay dividends when the project team is faced with unpalatable value engineering. There is no magic formula - either volumetric or quality compromises will likely need to be made against a backdrop of preserving the design intent.

For more information on how we can assist with project management, design management and value management services for your project please contact us.

Categories: Arts & Culture, Government

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